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As part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to back public health authorities and keep the masses safe and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech giant has rolled out the COVID-19 Announcement tool in India. This feature will encourage health departments to give credible information related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as information on COVID-19 vaccines to people in their local communities/ state jurisdictions. These alerts will be issued state-wide or to specific cities using the newly introduced COVID-19 Announcement feature.

As per a press release, the Announcement tool can be used to communicate important information on existing resources such as helplines, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or oxygen-supported hospital bed availability, vaccine eligibility and registration, as well as the logistics of acquiring a vaccine in districts, updates on existing COVID-19 rules, regulations, and protocols such as lockdowns, night curfews, changes to treatment protocols and more.

Facebook has partnered with 33 states and Union Territories in India to roll out the COVID-19 Announcement tool. Image: Facebook

The feature works when posts by state health department pages are marked as COVID-19 Announcements on Facebook. The tool helps amplify the reach of the announcement, so the information can reach local communities of a particular state. It will notify the locals of a COVID-affected region about the availability of resources through the COVID-19 Information Centre. Consequently, all urgent and significant updates related to the deadly virus or vaccination efforts will be distributed in a timely manner to people in the community.

After the United States, India has become the second country to have this tool. Facebook has partnered with 33 states and Union Territories in the country to expand the COVID-19 Announcement tool in their jurisdictions and local communities.

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