Netflix’s new docu-series Crime Stories: India Detectives to release on 22 September-Entertainment News , Firstpost

Crime Stories: India Detectives follows Bengaluru police as they set about trying to solve four major crimes in the city

Netflix has released the trailer of Crime Stories: India Detectives, a documentary series that follows Bangalore city police as they set about trying to solve four major crimes.

The series follows major criminal investigations from the moment the crime is reported through to the capture of the suspects. From murder to kidnap to extortion, each film tracks a shocking and compelling case in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley. Filmed with senior officers at home and at work, this is a unique window into the lives of Bengaluru’s police officers as they attempt to detect the most complex and serious crimes in the city.

Various snapshots from the trailer show the police conducting their investigations, loading their guns, watching CCTV footage carefully and chasing after someone outside.

Produced by Minnow Films, Crime Stories: India Detectives is directed by Jack Warrender and N Amit.

Crime Stories: India Detectives premieres on Netflix on Monday, 22 September.

Check out the trailer here

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