Instagram adds a new feature, subscriber-exclusive Reels and posts for creators to help them monetise content- Technology News, Firstpost

Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram, took to Twitter and announced that a couple of new features will be coming to Instagram’s Subscriber program.

Instagram creators can sign up for the Subscribers program where they can charge their followers a monthly fee to see exclusive content through the Instagram app.

In the video posted to Twitter, Mosseri tells us that subscribers will be able to host exclusive chats that they can participate in and interact with fans. He also said that in a single Subscriber chat, a content creator and host up to 30 subscribers, making the interaction more personal.

Reels and posts can now be posted directly to subscribers and these posts will carry the Subscriber badge as well. In addition, creators with exclusive Subscriber content will now have a “Subscriber home” tab on their profiles so their followers can see exclusives or sign up to be a Subscriber.

Back in June 2020, Facebook launched had launched Subscriptions, a model that was mainly aimed to help creators earn money with the support of their communities and the people who consume their content. In January, Meta, Instagram and Facebook’s parent company brought the feature to Instagram as well. 

Subscription is a feature of the sub-platform that allows content creators to host exclusive Live Videos and Stories that only paid followers can see. Plus, Subscribers who interact with posts also have a badge next to their name. Back in January 2022, Instagram, citing its commitment to support the platform’s creators, said it will not charge any fees for these subscriptions from the creators until 2023. 

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